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Deacon Voting Exit Poll Results


The official page for the Wake Forest FYS Exit Poll is now hosted on Dr. Jason Parsley's site. Please go there to see all of our results.

Thank you so much for visiting the website of Wake Forest University's First Year Seminar, "The Mathematics of Voting." We are 18 students led under the direction of Dr. Jason Parsley attempting to predetermine the results of the 2008 national and local elections by means of conducting our own exit polls at various precinct locations in Forsyth County. Please take a look around to view our distributed survey and our results.

On November 4th, 2008, the students polled voters in two North Carolina Precincts (Locations were Mount Tabor High School and Little Creek Recreation Center.) Local polls opened at 6:30am and closed at 7:00 pm (everyone in line then gets to vote). As the election results come in, the students will be calculating results and posting them with up-to-the-minute information under the "Results" section of the website.